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Conference 2014: The Gospel of John as Genre Mosaic


June 23-26, 2014

This interdisciplinary conference explores the Fourth Gospel in light of ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman literary conventions as well as ancient and modern genre theory.

Invited speakers are:

  • Harold W. Attridge (Yale)
  • Colleen Conway (Seton Hall, New Jersey)
  • George Parsenios (Princeton)
  • Troels Engberg-Pedersen (Copenhagen)
  • Ruth Sheridan (Charles Sturt, Australia)
  • Sune Auken (Copenhagen)

Organizers: Kasper Bro Larsen and the New Testament Studies Research Unit at Aarhus University.

The conference is sponsored by the Danish Council for Independent Research (FKK), the research programme Christianity and Theology in Culture and Society, and the Department of Culture and Society, Aarhus University.

For further information, see Conference Programme and Conference Prospectus or contact Kasper Bro Larsen (kbl[at]teo.au.dk).