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New Testament Studies

  • The Origins of Christianity and Early Christian Literature


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2019.10.24 | Teologi

Erich Pracht - New PhD at the The Research Unit New Testament Studies

On April 1, 2019, I began work at the Department of Theology at Aarhus University. Within that Department, I am affiliated with the New Testament research unit and, outside of it, I am a member of the research project “Epistolary Visions of Transformational Leadership: Cicero—Paul—Seneca,” an interdisciplinary and international enterprise…

2018.09.17 | People

Marie S. Andersen - New PhD at the The Research Unit New Testament Studies

The title of Marie S. Andersen's PhD project is “Epistolary Leadership and the Management of Time – A Comparative Analysis of Paul’s and Seneca’s Letters”. Under this headline, she will be studying and comparing how the apostle Paul and the philosopher Seneca – in their letters – use various concepts of time as part of their respective leadership…

2018.04.24 | Bogomtaler

New Volume in the SANt series: Paul as Homo Novus

The latest addition to the SANt series is now available. Eve-Marie Becker and Jacob Mortensen have edited the volume Paul as Homo Novus : Authorial Strategies of Self-Fashioning in Light of a Ciceronian Term. The publishing house Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht describes the book in the following terms at their webpage, where the book can be…

About the Research Group

The New Testament is a collection of ancient cultural remains as well as a classic of continuing relevance in western and Christian history. The research group New Testament Studies explores the origins and early texts of Christianity. 

The research group approaches the texts from the following four perspectives:

  • The historical approach - the texts in ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman context
  • The canon-historical approach - early Christian discourse on textual authority
  • The literary approach - the semiotics, rhetoric, and aesthetics of the texts
  • The reception-historical approach - the New Testament as classic in church and culture

New Testament Studies is a research unit under the research program Christianity and Theology in Culture and Society at the School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University.

Researchers associated with the unit


  • Anders Klostergaard Petersen
  • Eve-Marie Becker
  • Ellen Juhl Christiansen
  • Helge Kjær Nielsen
  • Jan Dochhorn
  • Kirsten Marie Hartvigsen
  • Ole Davidsen