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New publication in the SANt-series: Genres of Mark

New volume edited by Associate Professor Jacob P. B. Mortensen about the genres of Mark's Gospel.

One of the most fundamental questions when reading and trying to understand New Testament texts is the question of genre. It is impossible to understand a text, its meaning and intention, in its proper historical setting if one does not understand its genre: As an example, interpreting a satirical text without understanding the genre would no doubt lead to grave misunderstandings. The same logic applies to texts from the New Testament, and the matter is complicated even further by the immense historical gap between the time of the genesis of the New Testament canon and now. The problem of the New Testament texts’ genre(s) is therefore a vital area of scholarly discussion within international New Testament scholarship.

The current volume utilizes the newest insights from current research on the New Testament to cast new light on the question of the genre of Mark’s Gospel. Here, prominent international New Testament scholars discuss how we should understand the genre(s) of Mark’s Gospel, thus making an important contribution to international scholarship on the Gospel of Mark as well as the Gospel genre in general.

Find the volume here.